What does Blockchain Mass Adoption mean?

Blockchain Mass Adoption is discussed often as the next big phase of Blockchain. What this means is that masses of people start using Blockchain technology in everyday life. It becomes integrated with the digital ecosystem of life we operate in — Emails, Social Media and Digital Banking.

For instance, daily people check their bank balances on their phones, pay for coffee or view and like posts on their Twitter feed. There are many micro digital actions we do daily that we don’t quite realise operate within a extremely large digital ecosystem that can be replicated on a Blockchain infrastructure.

Imagine if Social Media Posts become NFTs that we own and we are then rewarded for likes, views and shares? Imagine being your own bank and transferring currency without a bank. Imaging holding the deed to a home you own on your phone, or the service history of your car as a NFT?

As a user experiencing this, you will operate within this new blockchain ecosystem as you usually do on your phone or computer, except the layers behind the applications are built on the Blockchain. That’s why there is a huge demand for blockchain developers, designers and creative people to build these bridges for the masses onto Blockchain. For people like myself, it’s incredibly exciting challenge and journey.

Mass adoption is where applications, software and technology are built integrated with blockchain technology and the User Experience is seamless so non-tech heads and everyday people can operate it easily.

At the moment, this is not really available in the current market. Some exchanges are easy to use and built for everyday people like Coinbase or Swyftx, but it’s limited to just trading cryptocurrency. To do proper Blockchain functions, you would need to set up a wallet, understand decentralised exchanges, staking, keys, what blockchain to use and smart contracts. It takes niche knowledge to operate current blockchain applications, which is not impossible to get, but you have to know where to look.

When we have applications built for everyday people and real life utility at mass scale (to the same extent of Facebook users), then the value of blockchain tokens and coins will increase proportionately. Essentially more users, more everyday utility, more value. It’s economics.

What we are witnessing right now in the current pool of blockchain tokens and projects, is the foundation layer of Blockchain. Most tokens available today are involved in the base foundation layer of Blockchain. Sort of like servers to a website or phone application or land with the plumbing and electrics connected waiting for a house to be built where people can reside.

I am currently researching and interested in the consumer products built on top of these layers and am actively ideating and building these solutions.

The greatest mass adoption hurdle I see, however, is one of education and understanding Blockchain. So I am endeavoring to demystify it for you. And quite frankly, at this point, mass adoption isn’t here yet. But watch closely over the next 1–3 years. There will be major opportunities, huge market shifts and also flops.

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