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Wellness – filling in the holes

Wellness is a new trend word floating around and when things start trending I tend to steer away. There is a deeply contrarian aspect of my personality that despises what is defined as cool as determined by majority consensus.

Wellness — the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.

But the thing is, Wellness is extremely important.

Wellness is largely subjective. What it is is for each individual is different and achieved in different ways.

I find a good way to learn or understand topics through imagery and abstractions of concepts.

The root word of wellness is well.

‘I am well’ is a common statement. We know what that means, of good health and being. It’s also the easy response when someone asks how you are.

But the word ‘well’ also means a depression made to hold liquid or a hole in the ground to hold water.

Ah the picture becomes more clear now.

To me, I see ‘Wellness’ as the filling of wells in your life and being. We all have our pits and depressions. The deeper they go, the more water is required.

The state of wellness is filling those holes with water so you are full, or fulfilled. And beyond that, after you have sustained yourself, can then share the water in those wells with others.

That’s what wellness means to me and it’s beautiful.

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I’m a digital developer, heptathlete and creator. I like writing about wellness, perichoresis, web3.0 and athletics.

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