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I spent the last night living on the Gold Coast watching the Full Moon light over the water.

Full moon has a magnetic energy. The moon cycles that impact the world. If the full moon has such a big impact on the tides, it seems obvious to me that it would have an impact on humans too.

The moon cycle is natures wisdom of time.

In the modern world we live by a clock. Time remains the same and stagnant. Someone or a group of important someones created this construct of time to help society align in the industrial era.

7am is 7am, but the sun at 7am is forever changing.

We live by a man-made time clock as opposed to natures clock.

One of life’s true privileges to live outside of time.

To rise as the sun rises, sleep and wind down as it sets.

Aligning oneself to nature’s wisdom.

Living on the beach for me was truly a dream lifestyle.

When you are so close to the beach, it’s easier to appreciate the beauty of a sunrise. It’s easy to go for a walk to decompress and be present.

The constant sounds of the waves can help ease the stress of a loud mind.

I moved back to Brisbane because the apartment I was living in sold. I had an opportunity to stay on the Gold Coast. But I made a deal with my coach I would live and train in Brisbane for the Olympic season.

I am injecting myself back into the ‘matrix’ to achieve some goals I set out for myself.

The transition back has been hard to be honest.

I haven’t liked Brisbane, but I do feel a sense of renewed focus since being here.

I so badly want to get out of here, and know I have serious work ahead of me to get there.

So begins the work.

In life, like nature, we have seasons.

I have just entered a serious season of work with big rewards.

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