001 – An introduction to the weekly memo

I like writing. It’s therapeutic. I took up journaling quite deeply in 2022.

Quite frankly, it was the most stressful year of my life. Utter chaos, yet somehow it ended in bliss.

I had so much running through my head at times. I felt isolated in the noise. I found solace writing everything in my head on paper, no matter how stupid or outrageous my thoughts seemed. The external world seemed very illogical at times and I was confused how things became so extreme.

I quickly learned the external was out of my control, and most of my suffering came from trying to change that which was out of my hands. I realised the actual problem was my emotional reaction to a perception, not the problem itself. Therefore, if I could master my inner world, anything was possible in the external. Writing and finding my words was a part of this process. And this will be a lifelong pursuit.

My journal entries weren’t always deep or insightful. Sometimes, it was chicken scratch gibberish, simple reminders or ways to express ill feelings without hurting someone. Or lists upon lists of things I was grateful for.

People overthink the art of writing in a journal. It’s not performance art. It’s simply movement. Movement with a pen to paper to express the thoughts in your mind. It can be an incredibly useful tool to clear the mind. Objectively, you can look at the thoughts that you may feel are controlling you and box them them up so you can do something practical with it.

I want to write, but more that that, I want to bring out all kinds of things that lie buried deep in my heart

Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl

Seeking deep foundations, not balance

My life at times feels highly chaotic and demanding. I not only train at an elite level for the heptathlon, I run a digital design & development business. There is much required of me. Strong routines hold the ship afloat and allow me to pursue the ambitions I have. And it’s taken a long time to find the balance and it’s still evolving.

In fact, I realised, it’s not about finding balance. Tall building don’t seek balance in windy conditions. They are built with deep foundations to withstand external forces. So daily I endeavour to build deep foundations in my wellness, relationships, values & vision for my life.  I question often if my actions align with my vision and act accordingly to re-calibrate where necessary.

My mornings are sacred time to reflect on this. I have found great fulfillment in waking early, walking, writing and setting intentions for the day. In this time, I have been inspired to consider a greater vision, and start sharing content online in the hope it inspires others.

Hence the reason for the memo. It’s time to commit to document publicly the story of things I am working on. It’s ultimately to help people live better lives. I can’t really provide anything of value to anyone if it’s not public or known.

What happened to my athletic performances?

I am generally known for being an athlete, but the last 2 years, I haven’t performed. I was injured at bad times and I didn’t have preparation that was required to achieve my athletic goals. It was wild emotional roller coaster. It was hard at times, I was very close to closing the chapter on my athletics. Thankfully, I had the right support network and space to direct my energy into other passions.

I love athletics and the feeling of it. But I know it is not a forever thing. I can’t train and compete as I do now for the rest of my life. I have other things I am passionate about in life. And honestly, looking back, I am grateful things on the track didn’t work out. The success I have found of the track has been incredible, and set me on a very exciting pathway.

This brings me to EQUIL…

What is EQUIL?

EQUIL is a bigger pursuit than athletics. I enjoy this thought because it takes the pressure off athletics. That’s weird to type out. Truth is, athletics seems easier than building EQUIL.

EQUIL is a digital suite of tools that allows athletes to own their performance data as NFTs on the XRP Ledger. The applications developed allow users to experience real world utility of NFT technology and be rewarded for health, wellness and self-improvement by earning EQ tokens through app engagement. Although initially designed for athletes, the use case extends to users interested in health, wellness and physical fitness.

I have been working on these tools and refining my skills and vision around this project for the last 5 years. We are finally in the process of beta testing.

Oh and I have a major announcement about the project this month. I’ll share as soon as I can make it public.

What to expect from these weekly memos?

These weekly journal memos will be more personal memento documenting on the progress of EQUIL, athletics and topics I am exploring. Personally, I like to look back at these things and witness progress.

Some of the notable things I will be documenting

  • Launching Peak (Athlete Wellness & Performance Monitoring App)
  • Equilibrium Network Development (Blockchain Protocol for Health & Performance Data)
  • Bootstrapping a Start Up
  • Qualifying and Competing on my first senior Athletics team – 2023 World Championships (Hungary)

Ultimately my goal is to inspire, educate and engage with a community of people that are actively pursuing to be better in every facet of life. 

So if that’s you. Welcome to my content pocket of the internet.

I hope my journey provides value for yours.

Have a great week!


Weekly Voice Memo Podcast

This is a complimentary voice memo to go with the written memo. Will likely do videos too as I progress.


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