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008 – Raising Standards & Talking to people smarter than you

Raising Standards

I am now 5 weeks away from the National Championships. The hard volume work in training is done. Recovery week is done.

Tomorrow the building phase begins again. It is a little different from this point onward. The work volume is less but the intensity is greater.

I am excited.

The words that keep coming to my head are ‘raise the standards’.

It’s time to push and put my self in positions to execute personal best performances. There have been lingering doubts for healthy reasons after the last few years of disappointment. The challenge is to box these and leave them in the past where they belong.

Times are different now. My process is different now. Great things are in store as my body and spirit align in the present.

XRPL Project Update

Currently I am rebuilding the entire ecosystem for my EQUIL Web Applications. Again… The previous builds were okay for testing but not at a standard good enough for public launch or scaling.

This marks the third complete rebuild of the platforms thus far. I am not afraid of throwing out a bunch of work for a better iteration. This is part of the process. I don’t see it as time lost, it is an education experience. With each iteration, things get exceptionally better.

It’s sort of like completing a season of training, only to end up injured or missing the performance you wanted. The training isn’t lost. The injury or sub optimal performance is a feedback loop to make changes to ensure the next season is successful. I would rather take extra time now to build an excellent product that is scalable and open to future advancements. It’s the things you don’t see as an end user that I have been focusing on.

There was no ‘injury’ in the code, it wasn’t broken. Instead, I identified parts that can be better to improve product features and capacity to scale. The current platform wasn’t going to hit the goals I have. And the goals I have are big.

Writing this feels good. It gives me a moment of reflection on the progress made.

It’s going well.

Talking to people smarter than you

This past week I had a meeting Scott Chamberlain who is a former lawyer and now entrepreneurial fellow at the Australian National University. Scott researches and teaches in the areas of blockchain, smart contracts, and the impact of technology on law and legal practice. He’s a very smart guy.

You can learn more about his work and writing here

Scott is currently working with a team on a project called Evernode which will allow for smart contracts on the XRP ledger.

The timing of the meeting was excellent alongside the development phase of my own project. Currently I am reading through the Evernode documentation and figuring out exactly what a integration will look like.

From what I know thus far, it will have a radical impact to the EQUIL web applications.

This is exciting. To be in the very early stages of a layer 2 smart contract project on the XRP Ledger feels like something I will look back on with awe. Sort of like being the first e-commerce website on the internet.

That’s it for this weeks memo. Thanks for reading.

Have a great week!

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