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010 – Pausing the Memos till after Nationals

Things Are Progressing Well, Need To Stay Low And Focus…

Pausing the Memos for a while

Thanks for tuning in thus far. I am taking a 3 week break from the memos to focus on competing. I look forward to jumping back in with fresh energy and new things to share. These memos are only doable when I am in a routine. With competitions, my routine changes and it’s more difficult to schedule these in as I would like.

QLD Champs Recap

On the Sunday, I had planned to do Hurdles, High Jump & Shot Put at the QLD Championships. However, my coach and I decided to have a recovery day and focus on another building week of training instead.

I felt a little deflated by this decision. I wanted to compete. But when considering my bigger goal at Nationals, the best decision was to sit out of competition and bank another week of building.

I only did Shot Put, which was an average performance. Of all the events, Shot Put was the only one I was lacking some confidence in. The timing has been missing. Since this event, my team and I have finally had a breakthrough in short time. And adjusted some training and technique to ensure we hit the Shot Put very well at Nationals.

I remember writing the most recent memo and how keen I was to step up put good performances on paper. Gah. It’s annoying to set your mind to something, then not do it.

Bleh. I must wait a little longer. But not much longer…

National Championships

The National Championships is less than 2 weeks away (1st & 2nd April).

Broadening my perspective helps me get over this little whinge. It’s not that big of a deal. I actually have had a few excellent weeks of training. Hitting all the marks.

Now the challenge is to stay calm and focused on the process. When competition day comes, I will be ready to unleash and flow.

My goal is a big Personal Best Performance. The World Championships automatic qualifier is 6480 points. So I am aiming for 6484 points…. Seriously. Given conditions are good and I am healthy and happy, anything is possible. One event at a time.

Here is a little inside information, given you read my memos. My coach coached Ash Moloney who won bronze at the 2021 Olympics in the Decathlon. He told me quite seriously this week, he thinks my peak and preparation has matched and even bettered Moloney’s for the Olympics.

That’s a pretty big statement. I intent to live up to this.

Thanks for reading thus far, I will pick back up again after my National Championship.

For now, I must focus.

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