007- Banking an intense block of training & Mastering Monotony

19th February 2023

Happy Sunday. I am writing from my Mum’s backyard in Canberra. I accidentally booked extra flights late last year. I thought I would shift the booking dates and make use of a little getaway at the end of a heavy training block. The morning is calm and clear. I have 40hz playing in my ear and a nice view of the morning light.

Barefeet on the ground, facing the sun. The perfect spot to rejuvenate.

Yesterday I completed a 4 week block of intense training. I thought I was sore last week, but this week is another level… I can’t push anymore. Physically everything hurts and mentally I’m tired.

My last heptathlon in Canberra revealed some areas to improve leading into the National Championships on the 1st April 2023.

One of the main areas was heptathlon endurance. Which means, having the ability to perform in events while not fresh. The 200m and 800m particular are the events to focus on here. Particularly the 800m. This is where you show your true grit and stamina. I think the mindset you bring to the 800m is what separates the good athlete from the elite.

My coach said that if I nail this last block, I would experience 400-500 point gain in my next heptathlon. That’s a huge jump. The prospect of this excites me incredibly. I have followed the program training load strictly. Alongside this, I monitor my wellness, sleep, stress, diet and cycle to make adaptions along the way to ensure success. We nailed this block.

Overall I feel the best I have ever been in the training process. And I have an overwhelming sense gratitude to be in this place. My challenge is to stay present as I reemerge at the top of my game when the time comes.

Mastering Monotony leads to diversity of thought

I follow this doctor on Twitter called Dr Pran Yoganathan. Honestly, every post he puts up I screenshot. I feel a sense of religious devotion…

Monotony in life, leads to diversity of thoughts

Dr Pran Yoganathan

Monotony: lack of variety and interest; tedious repetition and routine.

…side note… this is a hard word to say aloud.

This quote hit deep. When I am in strict daily routine I thrive. Frankly, I cannot pull of the things I do in Athletics and work without the structure.

I wake up at 5:00am and sleep at 8pm. I watch the sunrise and the sunset. I eat the same breakfast, drink the same coffee and cut off work after the sun sets each day. There are times I step out of this structure or it adapts to different seasons of life. But for the most part, it stays the same.

I have intentionally structured my life to be monotonous in the best way possible. Day in and day out I do the things I love that make me feel good.

In this place of safe and sound structure, I have the energy to thrive, be creative, piece complex ideas together, code and architect my life. In the monotony I have found great diversity of thought and fulfilment. My cup is full and I have more to give to others and the things I put my hands to. The routine has become the building blocks to greater things.

Reading this back, this sounds like good advice. If you want to do something great, first build a foundation of habitual monotony that is sustainable and fulfilling. Be the lifestyle architect of your own life. Design your ideal daily schedule and stick to it. Anything is possible with patience, vision and discipline.

Too often people accept things the way they are. No great thing was achieved following the status quo.

6 years ago I used to awake at 4:30am to work at a cafe to make money. I never would woke up that early if not for work and maintaining my job. This proved I had the capacity for early starts with the right incentive and reason. I had to switch the desire to keep a job to the hunger to build the life I want.

Now I awake early without an alarm, genuinely excited for the day. Knowing how the morning light regulates melatonin, gives energy and sets up space for productivity. The early hours of the morning are quiet. I can get a great deal of deep work done in 3 hours that may take me 8 hours otherwise.

I switched my mindset to chase the dopamine of new incentives and desires. It took a while, it wasn’t an overnight thing. This was a process of habit evolution aligning to my greater vision and desires for the life I want.

I just finished the Audio Book ‘Atomic Habits’ this week. I only listen to audiobooks on longer boring car rides. The timing of this was quite good. So I will leave you with this quote.

Every action you take is a vote for the person you wish to become.

James Clear

That’s it for this week’s memo.

I have a recovery week this week for training. Easy light work.

Also, I have a few big meetings for the XRPL project.

I’ll update you on how things are going with this project in the next week.

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