004 – Heptathlon Recap and Season Goals

Wow. Athletics season opened. I’m back.

I needed a week to recover from my heptathlon last weekend. Tomorrow I begin the next block of training. I am excited.

Recap on my first Heptathlon of the season

I finished with 5908 points, Javelin PB 53.97m & Day 2 points PB. On paper, this was my 2nd best heptathlon performance ever. I would argue it was the best heptathlon I have ever done. The score was not a Personal Best score, but I count major success in other areas.

  • I finished healthy with no injuries (first time in 3 years)
  • I was present and calm. The most chill I have felt in a competition
  • I enjoyed myself… a lot
  • I gained back confidence in my body and ability to execute

There is not much to gain from a 6000+ performance this early in the season. The big scores count at Championship events. Considering the time I have had off, this performance was excellent. We know where I am at, and know what to work on in the next block of training. To put it in perspective, the last time I opened my season in 2020, I finished with 5600 points. Already we are 300 points ahead of my last open. That’s a huge indicator.

All is good to this point. We still have a long way to go.

The National Championships is 1st April, so about 10 weeks away. Here is what I will be working on to prepare for Nationals.

  • Heptathlon Endurance. There is a difference in running one good 200m rep in training and a 200m after 3 events in a heptathlon. This will take some time, consistency and patience to build back.
  • Present in process. Considering the success of this event. We know I have a good process at the moment. So I need to work on improving consistency with blocks. Not much needs to change.
  • Shot Put Technique. My timing is off in Shot Put was off on the weekend. It was the event I performed the worst in… Sometimes this happens. If you throw 53m in Javelin, there is no reason you can’t throw 13m+ in Shot Put. So I’ll stay patient and work with my coach to bring this back.

What this season looks like

My major goal this season is to compete at the World Championships in Hungary in August. To qualify for this competition, I need to score 6480 points or ranked within the top 24 in the world. The ranking system averages the performance score of your two best heptathlons. The performances get bonus points for placing and also importance of the competition. The two competitions I am targeting are

  • 1st April – Australian National Championships
  • 28th May – Gotzis Hypomeeting, Austria

One step at a time. Nationals is the focus right now. Let’s see what we can bank.

Anyways, that’s it for the memo this week. Next week I go into the reason I prefer being a generalist than a specialist.

A huge week of work and training awaits.

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