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003 – XRPL Developer Grant & Pre Heptathlon Energy

Renaissance is well in progress, powerful comeback in play

… I compete in my first heptathlon of the season this weekend.

By the time this memo is live, I will have finished the event with a shiny new PB. For results, check my Instagram or Facebook profiles.

Right now as I am writing, it’s the day before the heptathlon. I am pinging with energy. When I am dopamine charged because of big projects or events on the go, I find myself waking up at 4:30am bright and full of energy. I don’t wake up groggy nor set an alarm. I genuinely go to bed and wake up excited to do things. Sometimes I even go to bed excited about breakfast. Hahaha.

I lie. I am in Canberra not the Gold Coast, I woke at 5:30am not 4:30am (daylight savings). The sunrise was beautiful this morning. Usually I watch it over the water on the beach. Instead, I watched the intense orange array over of rolling hills and fields. It was beautiful.

I wasn’t always an early riser. 2 years ago I did most of my creative work late at night. I found when I started to optimise my wellness, lifestyle and live more intutively, waking up early just happened without effort. For me this included a balanced diet, sun exposure during the day, minimising blue light at night and magnesium before bed. All the little things have compounded.

To be honest, I would like to sleep in some days, but that is difficult now. So it’s super important I am in bed by 8:30pm to get the sleep volume. Especially for athletics and recovery.

Sleep is a super power.

XRP Ledger Development Grant

In October 2022 I applied for a XRP Ledger Developer Grant to fund NFT integration on a few applications I am working on.

The XRPL Grants program was founded in May 2021 to support and encourage the development of new software projects on the XRP Ledger (XRPL) and help foster the growing XRPL developer community

In the first memo, I mentioned some info about my project EQUIL. Visit the website to learn more.

In the process of writing the grant application, I thought it didn’t matter the outcome. I was still going to stick to my development roadmap. The grant would be a nice bonus and kick of confidence.

In December, I found out I was successful! And not only successful, granted more than I asked for. The total being 125k USD.

This is a substantial amount for the project scope I applied for. And I intend to invest this very wisely with big ROIs on actualised tangible product.

The public announcement was this past week on the XRPL website. I am yet to release an official announcement. Stay tuned for this.

As a subscriber of this memo, you get some early info.

Women in Technology

The theme of Wave 4 of the XRPL Grant scheme was focus on Women in Tech. There is a push for female engineers in technology fields in the name of ‘equality’. I respect and am grateful for initiatives like this that encourage women to get involved.

“Equality of opportunity, not of outcome”

Not sure who came up with this, but it is good.

In an ideal world, I don’t explicitly see equal amounts of men and women in tech fields. Instead equal opportunity for men & women to walk the path that best aligns with their talents, ambition and peace. We are all different at an individual level.

My encouragement to women is to know exactly what you want. Carefully considering your personal long term family & career ambitions. Then set your intentions, process and actions to align with this. Anything is possible with clarity and alignment of actions.

My mantra has always been take personal responsibility for your success and failure. I figured out what I wanted and went for it. It never crossed my mind that my gender would be deciding factor on my success.

I have embraced my feminine qualities and found success forging my own path. I work with a lot of talented male engineers and I acknowledge men and women compliment each other. There is no need for competition.

Anyways, that’s it for today’s memo.

Next week, I will break down my opening heptathlon performance and what the year looks like for athletics.

Voice Memo

A little voice memo to compliment the written stuff.

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